Our team

Our team consists of four qualified therapists and a practice assistant, who are constantly investing in internal and external training courses, treating you to the best of their knowledge and belief and helping to alleviate your complaints and thus achieve our agreed goals.

Benjamin Vedani

Physiotherapist, massage therapist and owner

The essence of my work is the Vedani method, whose content is the healing of physical pain of all kinds, with the psyche also involved as it often is the source of all ills. My hands are my most important tools, because I can use them to pass on warmth and comfort.


Carmen Unterweger


“Let us be good to our bodies so that our souls are glad to inhabit them.”

In my work it is important when treating patients for me to use my knowledge, my skills and my experience in the best way possible in order to improve their condition.


Christian Thaler

massage therapist

What mattered most to me in my work is that the patient will feel fully from the first minute, in this way I can  work on the problem in an atmosphere devoid of tension.
Depending on the patient's disorder I put into practice various techniques of massage that I learned during my studies and experiences.


Dr. Arcangelo Russo

Orthopedic doctor

Specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology at the Humanitas Castelli clinic in Bergamo, Dr. Russo is one of the first experts in the injection of Lipogems into the joints, a new technique arrived in the world of orthopaedics: to learn more...



Elisabeth Spisser

Practice administration

"Smile, and the world smiles back at you" Luc Serafin


I'm a person who likes to be in contact with people and I'm happy to be part of this team.

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